Red Services

What your stakeholders read, hear or see about your organisation influences their perception of your operations and services.

Red can work with you to influence attitudes, increase knowledge, inform opinions and initiate behavioural change. To achieve this we offer:

Issues & crisis management

Be prepared, be responsive, be accurate and be honest. Red can work with your organisation to plan for potential issues and manage challenges as they arise.

When faced with an issue or crisis Red has the experience to identify and prioritise communications including employee relations, stakeholder engagement, media management and government relations.

Strategic communications

Red are the experts at managing reputations through strategic communications. Understanding if stakeholder, customer and community perception matches reality is essential. Strategic considerations include:

  • Stakeholder engagement - understanding priority stakeholders and ensuring the right person, receives the right information, at the right time can often determine success or failure.

  • Community consultation - genuine and meaningful consultation is essential in today's climate. The community expect to be consulted about decisions, issues and projects that will impact on their lives. Failure to recognise or underestimate community interest and passion can have significant consequences.

  • Reputation management - managing your reputation is our focus, ensuring all communication is consistent, persuasive and meaningful.

  • Positioning & key messages - developing key messages and a positioning that resonate with the desired audience and accurately reflect the desired outcome is essential

  • Communications audit - understanding the current 'state of play' and if perception matches reality.

Government relations

Red has worked extensively with all levels of government and has a unique understanding of communicating public policy and government programs.

We also have a proven record of working with organsiations to communicate and engage government to create awareness about their issues and generate support for their project or program.

Media management

Stop Press! The media's ability to significantly influence and inform public opinion is now a widely accepted necessity of doing business. Media relations presents both a unique opportunity to be part of informing public opinion and debate, but can also be a risk resulting in reputational damage.

Red are experts at managing media relations. We can help you with identifying proactive media opportunities, support you with reactive media relations advice, write media releases, speak to the media on your behalf, monitor media and support you with media training.

Emergency preparedness

It's unfortunate, but we live in an environment that is often at the mercy of Mother Nature. Recent incidents such as the flooding and the ever present threat of bush fire, highlights the need for timely and accurate communication. Red understands that during these times of emergency information is critical. Working with key service providers including local councils, fire management and emergency management, Red can assist with communications planning and implementation.

Training, facilitation & mentoring

Red understands the importance of a commitment to continuing professional development and can offer a range of training seminars to assist your organisation including media training, presentation training, effective writing, time management and networking.

There are times when an external facilitator can break deadlocks and identify opportunities or solutions that can be difficult if managed by internal or known staff. Red will work with you to tailor facilitation sessions that best meet the organisations needs.

Red offers a mentoring and advisory support service, recognising that some internal communications and marketing personnel require additional strategic communications support and guidance. This is particularly relevant for not-for-profit organisations, often undertaking extremely important work on a shoe-string budget. Red would be happy to meet and discuss your organisation's mentoring needs.

PR Campaigns

Creative flair is what we have to offer. Developing concepts and campaigns to support and initiate behavioural change campaigns is our passion.

Working with you to understand the desired outcome, Red can develop a public relations campaign strategy and advise on:

  • Creative concepts

  • Positioning and key messages

  • Target audiences and stakeholders

  • Ambassador/Patron support

  • Communications collateral (website, brochures, social media)

  • Media relations

  • Launches and events

  • Video and web production

  • Sponsorship opportunities

E-consultation & communication

Red understands the opportunities and importantly the risks of adopting an online consultation strategy, such as social media program. Red works with organisations to establish how online communication and consultation can enhance their service delivery and build their communications reputation.

Communication materials / professional writing

Red understands the importance of the written word and has extensive experience in developing communication materials that resonate with target audiences and stakeholders.

We can assist you with writing website copy, annual reports, speeches, media releases, brochures, information booklets, case studies, tender submissions and articles.

Change management & employee relations

Employees are the most valuable communications asset of any organisation or business. Failure to effectively engage employees can damage years of reputation building and marketing expenditure.

Red can work with your organisation to identify potential issues, develop strategies to support positive behavioural change, particularly at times of organisational change. We can assist with developing employee newsletters, employee surveys, review and update intranet and facilitation of focus groups.